Collaboratively pursuing regional economic development projects and initiatives throughout the Elk Valley communities of Elkford, Fernie, Sparwood and Tobacco Plains.

Elk Valley Community Profiles

The Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI) has published 4 community profiles, one for the Elk Valley, and three supporting documents for the communities of Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford. Local businesses, community groups, and individuals can use these profiles to assist with workforce attraction and to learn more about the Elk Valley.

These are short form, easy to read documents focused on presenting all relevant information for the Elk Valley and each community.  Sections include: why the Elk Valley, living in the Elk Valley, labour force, business growth & climate, industry sectors, local business, and outdoor recreation

ELK VALLEY Business Retention
and Expansion Report

This report describes findings from a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) survey conducted online via Survey Monkey from October 22nd to December 22nd, 2021, by the Elk Valley Economic Initiative for businesses operating in the Elk Valley. 318 individual business responses were received, amounting to approximately 1 out of 3 licensed businesses in the Elk Valley. 

The three biggest factors impacting businesses in the Elk Valley are cost of doing business, housing, and workforce attraction. The latter two factors need to be addressed as they are major impediments to business expansion and retention in the Elk Valley, as well as future investment attraction and overall economic growth. Challenges identified in this report are not necessarily unique to the Elk Valley, however it is important that specific supports and action items are developed for the region’s businesses to stimulate a strong economic climate.

BRE is an effective economic development tool that encourages local businesses to stay and grow in the community through identifying and responding to their needs.

BRE survey 2021

2021 Business Retention & Expansion Survey

The Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI) recently completed the largest survey of businesses in the Elk Valley ever undertaken. Find out what they had to say about their challenges and opportunities.

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With a resilient economy and liveable communities
with a range of amenities, all located in a spectacular
mountain setting, the Elk Valley is a great place to invest, work, live and raise a family.

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