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BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

The BC government and the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour (JTST) are focused on the economic fundamentals of creating a business friendly environment to grow investment and create jobs in the province.   Economic growth and diversification benefits regions and rural communities.    JTST provides economic development support to regions and communities across the province, and facilitates links to government programs and services.

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Community Futures East Kootenay (CFEK)

Community Futures East Kootenay (CFEK) is dedicated to fostering strong, vibrant local economies. Engaging in Community Economic Development with local governments, key partners and stakeholder organizations, CFEK seeks to be a driving force for economic growth and sustainability throughout the East Kootenay. Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, CFEK’s dedicated staff supports the creation and expansion of small businesses in the area.

CFEK promotes economic development and the creation of jobs and wealth in our region by providing small-business loans for start-up, expansion or the purchase of existing businesses. In addition to financial support, CFEK offers a variety of business-related services, including knowledgeable, professional business consultation and access to training for entrepreneurs and their employees.